Migrate your

Benefits to Migrating

Simply put, migrating to our own ERC-721 contract expands Crypto Duckies’ utility. Here are 4 main benefits:

1. We are no more tied to OpenSea and can be listed on other NFT platforms like Coinbase, Rarible and Binance – we have true freedom and are completely flexible.

2. ERC-721 the NFT gold-standard; a nice clean contract with just Duckies. And you'll be able to pull statistics and track ownership without having to comb through the monolithic OS shared contract. It's a standard specific to the art community and blue-chip NFT projects.

3. Additionally, having our own ERC-721 contract allows Crypto Duckies to participate in a wider array of dApps (decentralized apps), functions (for unique utility), and systems (connect in larger ecosystems on Ethereum).

4. NFT picture files and the associated metadata are generally hosted on 3rd party company servers. So, if that company server goes offline (or if they choose to disconnect you), you won’t see your NFT anymore. But when you move on-chain, that means the Ethereum network hosts your image and the metadata right on the blockchain so no one can take that down. We are immutable and will live forever.

What happens with the old Duckie when I migrate?

When migrating your Duckie, the ERC1155 token will be sent to the infamous Ethereum burn address after your ERC721 equivalent has been minted for you and is safely placed on-chain and in your wallet. It all happens simultaneously.

My Wallet doesn't connect?

If you can't connect your wallet join our Discord and ping one of the online mods, we’ll be happy to help.